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Cross-Stitching Science!

Alicia Watkins of Watty’s Wall Stuff makes these awesome microbe cross-stitches that I just had to share! You can either get them from her, or buy her patterns and make your own. 

Click here to check out the Microbe section.

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If I never taught myself

to live in an illusion

of two worlds that help

to cope with your frustrations

I would’ve caught your insanity

And couldn’t discern what to be

I often dream that I’d escape

The world that seems yellow but blue

A fawn that hides inside her cave

Never knowing what is true

Beyond the shades, is there a light?

That could somehow end this tiring fight!

A mountain of hope is where I stand

and sleep in a field of uncertainty

A deer that explores in her own command

To see if she can reach the land beyond the sea

So she tried to built a boat that was strong

But mother doe then took it not so long.

Knees weary, her dark eyes were teary

She hides away under the forest trees

To undrown from words that were so fiery

Back to cave where she can breathe

With comfort but with indifference

With shelter but with chains.

Deer by StellaB

Digital Art by StellaB

March 31, 2014, 10:26am


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I would spend hours in one of those nooks and get lost in good books.


I would spend hours in one of those nooks and get lost in good books.

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